Create a link in Blackboard to Bb Collaborate Live or Archived Sessions

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2014 10:39AM PDT
Here is a short video on how to place Bb Collaborate recordings and lectures into the course menu. (This is called the Collaborate Scheduling Manager)

There are two types of archives that you can place within a content area in your course, a Blackboard archived session and a converted .mp4 video file.

1. The Bb Collaborate session itself: Go to Tools => Bb Collaborate => Recordings => click downward facing arrows for the archive and get the Guest Link => copy link then paste into your Archived Live Sessions content area as a file or item.

2. The mp4 file: Go to Tools => Bb Collaborate => Recordings => right click the .mp4 and copy link location => Paste into your Archived Live Sessions content area as a file or item.

Students can also access the files the same way if they don't click on the Archived session link by going to  Tools => Bb Collaborate => Recordings and selecting the correct archive.

Let us know if you need further assistance.