Using the Retention Center

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 11:15AM PDT

Click the colored bar preceding the table to display a summary of the at-risk students in your course. Click a colored section to access more information. You can drill in further by clicking links in the pop-up boxes. For example, in a grade alert box, you can click the displayed number to access a list of students triggering the alert. The main table displays which students are at risk in one or more of four categories: 1) Missed Deadlines; 2) Grades; 3) Course Activity; and 4) Course Access.

Retention Center Drill Down Table 

Note that you can access students from the blue Notify drop-down list from more than one spot in the tool. Email notifications have a default subject and message that you can edit. If you are sending an email to more than one recipient, the list is not revealed to the group.