Login Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014 09:36AM PDT
If you are having trouble logging in to Blackboard, check the following:
  1. Make sure your CAPS lock isn’t on
  2. You should be using your WebPortal RedID and password
  3. If you recently changed your password in Webportal, it may take up to 6 hours before your password changes in Blackboard (your Webportal information automatically syncs up with Blackboard)
  4. Did you include any symbols in your password in Webportal? Although Webportal recommends using symbols, some will not work when syncing up to Blackboard. (See Password Best Practices)
  5. Try another browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
  6. Completely clear your password entry box; then re-type
  7. Try changing your password in Webportal to something using only upper case, lower case letters, and numbers
If you are still having trouble after following the previous steps, please email or call and we will look further into the issue.