Basic Items on Blackboard Page

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:05AM PDT
These features (items A-D) appear in almost all Blackboard courses.

Basic Items

A. Edit Mode: When Edit Mode is ON, all the instructor functions appear. This includes action bar functions such as Build Content or the appearance of contextual menus. When Edit Mode is OFF, you are viewing the course as a student see it. The Edit Mode function appears to users with a role of instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, and administrator.

B. Action bar: Menu or buttons at the top of the page containing actions such as Build Content, Search, Delete, and Upload. The functions change depending on where you are in your course. The action bar can contain multiple rows of functions such as on the main Grade Center page.

C. Contextual Menus: Many components in Blackboard Learn have contextual menus, such as content items, course menu links, or Grade Center columns. The options in the contextual menu vary depending on the component. Access an item's contextual menu by clicking the downward facing arrow next to the item name.

D. Control Panel: The panel following the course menu is an instructor's access point for course management functions. You can manage the course style, course tools, and users from this area. Students cannot see the Control Panel.

Other common elements include:
A.  Page header: The area at the top of the screen that contains the tabs, your avatar, access to the global navigation menu and My Blackboard, and Logout. The page header elements remain the same regardless of where you are in Blackboard Learn.
B.  Tabs: Blackboard has two common tabs, the My SDSU tab and the Courses tab.
C.  Course-to-course navigation: Use this feature to access all courses you are enrolled in or teach! Use the menu next to the house icon to go to another course. Next to the house icon, use the orientation bar to access previous pages you visited recently.
D.  Course menu: The access point for all course content. Instructors determine which links are available here.
E.  Content frame: The larger area of the screen next to the course menu that displays the selected content area, tool, module page, or material. Instructors choose the page that appears here when you enter a course.
F.  Action bar: The row of buttons at the top of the content frame such as Create Thread in the discussion board or Build Content in a content area.