Course Menu

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 11:01AM PDT
The course menu appears on the left side of your course window. It is the cornerstone for the organization and navigation of your course. You can use existing menu items or create your own links to present tools and materials to students. You can change the names of items on your menu, their position on the menu, visibility to students, as well as adding and deleting menu items. 

SDSU Blackboard courses are created with the following default menu items:  Announcements, Syllabus, Faculty, Course Documents, Discussions, Assignments, Tools, and a link to the SDSU Library. Items A - D are described below.

Course Menu Links

A. Use the drag-and-drop function to reorder course menu links. 
B. Alternatively, use the keyboard accessible reordering tool Reordering Tool to reorder the links.

C. Use the drop down arrow to after the item name to access a contextual menu. You can then Rename an item, Hide Link from students, Show Link to students,or Delete the link entirely.
(Note: If you Delete a content area, all content items within it are also permanently deleted.)

D. An unavailable link appears with a square with a diagonal line through it (unavailable icon). Students cannot see the link on the course menu.