Send Email

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2014 11:20AM PDT
You can send email from Blackboard in the Retention Center, Grade Center, your course menu if you create a Tool Link, and by clicking on Tools => Send Email. Blackboard email is often perceived as "SPAM" so students may need to check their SPAM folders if they aren't receiving email. There is no way to track whether a person has actually received, opened, or read an email.

From your course menu:
  1. Access Tools and click Send Email.

    send email menu

  2. On the Send Email page, click the link for the desired recipient group. A new page appears.

    send email user options
  3. Create your message, attach files if desired and Submit.

You cannot send email to anyone who is not a member of the course.  You can disable email student-to-student email setting and allow students to only send email messages to  teaching assistants or instructor users. These changes can be made by going to your Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability > Email > Email Settings and then deselect the ones you want to turn off. See

‚ÄčImportant Tips
  • Blackboard Learn keeps no record of sent emails. You will receive a copy of your email in the Inbox of your external email account. Keep a copy of important messages in case you need them at a later date.
  • Blackboard Learn will NOT recognize files or email addresses with spaces or special characters, such as #, &, %, and $. In general, use only alphanumeric file names and addresses in Blackboard Learn.
  • Do not send email through Blackboard Learn without content in the subject line. Leaving the subject line blank can prevent the message from being delivered.