Retention Center Rules

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 11:15AM PDT

You can create as many rules as you want. For example, you can create individual grade rules that alert you when students score below a certain point value on each test. You can create a grade rule that alerts you if a student's total grade for your course falls to a certain percentage.

On the Retention Center page, click Customize on the action bar. Retention Center Customize Button

On the Customize Retention Center page, point to Create Rule on the action bar and select one of the four rule types described in the following table.

Rule Type Description
Course Activity Alert is based on students' overall activity within your course. Students who are below a defined level of activity trigger the alert.

Blackboard measures the time a student works in a course using the data generated from his "clicks." A student is assumed to be working with a course from the time he clicks on something in the course until the time he clicks something outside the course or logs out. If a login session is timed out, Blackboard only counts the time until the last click within the course. The time is not counted between the last click within the course and the timeout.

No weighting of clicks is assigned to any areas. 

Adaptive rules are not taken into account.

Grade Alert is based on a defined score for any grade or calculated column in the Grade Center. Students who score above or below the defined threshold for a specific grade item trigger an alert. Determine when a grade triggers an alert:
  • Set Grade Value: Use the drop-down lists to select above or below -AND- points or percentage. Type a value in the field.
  • Use Average Grades: Type the percentage in the field and select above or below the average grade from the drop-down list.
Course Access Alert is based on the date users last accessed your course. Students who have not logged in for a defined number of days trigger an alert.
Missed Deadline Alert is based on a defined due date for an assignment, test, or survey. Students who do not complete an assignment, test, or survey by the due date trigger an alert based on the option you choose:
  • Monitor all course deadlines: Determine how many deadlines must be missed and by how many days before an alert is triggered. From the drop-down list, select More Than or Less Than the number of days you chose.
  • Monitor Specific Deadline: Make a selection in the Select Course Item drop-down list. The due date for each item appears in parentheses. Then, select More Than or Less Than from the drop-down list and type the number of days to trigger an alert.

    If you enter zero (0) for how many days, you are asking to be alerted if an item was not submitted before or on the deadline. No lateness is acceptable

You can create missed deadline rules for Grade Center columns you create manually, but if you do not grade properly submitted items by the due date, a "false" alert is triggered. For manually created columns, students can submit items by the due date, but you must also grade them by the due date.