Upload a File into Content Area

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:50AM PDT
You can upload relatively large files into Blackboard.  Make sure when you name your files, you do not use spaces, funny characters such as pound sign, extra periods, dashes, and so forth. This may cause the file upload to fail. You can upload a file into a course area. We normally recommend using the "item" instead of a "file" since an file appears with no description. It is merely a file name and a link to download the file. You can upload a single file or a zipped package or folder containing multiple files. For example, uploading a zipped package would be an effective way to provide students a group of images needed for a lab project.
  1. Go into a content area or folder in your course.
  2. On the menu bar, click on "Build Content" and select "File."
  3. You will be prompted to attach a file. You can either upload a file from your computer, click "Browse My Computer" or link to file already in your course by clicking "Browse Course. " (i.e. using the same content twice)
  4. Type a Name for the file.
  5. Click "Yes" for Open in New Window to display the content in a new browser window if desired.
  6. Click "Submit"
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