Create an Item in Content Area

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:50AM PDT

One of the most popular ways to build content in Blackboard is to use the "Item." The item allows you to not only upload files; but you can provide instructions or information about the file. You can upload relatively large files into Blackboard.  Make sure when you name your files, you do not use spaces, funny characters such as pound sign, extra periods, dashes, and so forth. This may cause the file upload to fail. An item provides more options than a file and is the recommended option.

  1. Enter into an existing content area in your course [e.g., Content, Syllabus, Assignments] 
  2. Use the menu items at the top and click "Build Content"
  3. Then choose "Item"Create item menu
  4. Enter the Item Name (required)
  5. You can use the Text Editor to create instructions. You can also use Attachments to attach files.
  6. Under Options select Yes to permit students to view the content (i.e. Make Available). You can also set various date restrictions.
  7. Click "Submit"Create item settings page