Course Style Options

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:45AM PDT
Style options control the overall appearance, theme (colorful interface), menu buttons, content appearance, course entry point, and the banner image for a course. Course "style" is one of the major changes in our latest version of Blackboard. 

To access the style tools, from the Control Panel, click "Customization" then click "Teaching Style."

Some options are:
  • Course Entry PointThe course entry point is the first page the students see upon entering the course. The default course entry point for SDSU Blackboard is the Announcements page. You can easily change it to feature various sections of your course as needed. Simply use the drop down menu and select another area of your course.
course entry point menu
  • Course Theme. There are now about 50 different colorful themes to choose from. Simple use the scroll bar on the right to browse and "try on" the various choices.theme menu

  • Menu Style: You can change the menu from text to buttons. There are a library of button styles. Text is often easier to read but the choice is yours. 
  • Content View: You can choose to show both icons and text, or just icons, or just text. Icons indicate whether you are looking at an item, web link, folder, etc.
  • Course Banner: You can add a banner to the top of the course entry page. The banner can be a text phrase or an image representing the course. The banner file must be in .gif or .jpg format and its size should be approximately 480 x 80 pixels or smaller. See this short video created by Blackboard
  • Course Structure:  Course structure are templates which will provide you with scoffolding to build your course. Course Structure is new and has so many features, it deserves its own section. Please see​ 
Here's an example of the Teaching Style page.
teaching style menu pageSee for a more indepth overview