About Self-Enroll Group Sign Up Sheets

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 11:29AM PDT
Self-enrollment allows students to add themselves to a group using a sign-up sheet. This choice is made when you first create the group(s). This article further clarifies the sign up sheet available to students when you select "self-enroll." The sign up sheet is available on the groups listing page or by adding a link to a course area, such as a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder. When you create a group using sign-up sheets, you can make the group immediately available to use or available after all members have signed up. Self-enrollment is an option available for both single groups and group sets.

These instructions cover the Group Set.
  1. On the Control Panel Menu, under Users and Groups, select Groups.
  2. On the Groups page, click Create Group Set to access the drop-down list.
  3. Select Self-Enroll.
create group set drop down menu
  1. On the Create Self-Enrollment Group page, enter a Name .
  2. To make the Group Available, select Yes.
Self Enrollment Group Set Settings
  1. From the Sign-Up options area, enter a sign-up sheet name and instructions.
  2. Then enter the Maximum Number of Members, and select other Member options.
  3. Click Submit.
Sign Up Options settings page

The table below explains the options for Self-Enrollment Groups and Sign-up Sheets.
Option Description
Group Availability Controls whether or not students can access the Group after enrollment:
  • No – sign-up sheet is unavailable; the Group is unavailable.
  • Yes – sign-up sheet is available; the Group is available immediately after a student signs up.
  • Sign-up Sheet Only – sign-up sheet is available; the Group is unavailable even after a student signs up. To make the Group available to students who have self-enrolled, an instructor must edit the Group to change its availability.
Name of Sign-up Sheet Use a descriptive name so users will understand the nature of the Sign-up Sheet.
Instructions This field is optional, and can provide information in addition to the Group description.
Maximum Number of Members Let students know how many are allowed to join. Once this number has been reached, other users may not join the Group.
Show Members Allow users to see existing members before they sign up.
Allow Students to sign-up from the Groups Area This option automatically adds the sign-up sheet to the Groups Page. If you use this option, be sure a Groups link is available in the Course Menu or in a Content Area to provide student access.If this option is not selected, the sign-up sheet is unavailable to students until the instructor adds a link to the sign-up sheet.