About i>clickers

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2014 09:14AM PDT
"Clickers" (aka classroom response systems) enable increased interaction between students and faculty in classroom learning situations. Since Spring, 2011, SDSU has been using i>clickers offered by MacMillan New Ventures. There are currently two solutions in use at SDSU: traditional hand-held remotes which transmit student responses to an RF receiver and i>clickerGO which allows students to respond using their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop via a web connection.

Students may purchase discounted hand-held clickers in the SDSU bookstore and use them in any class required by faculty. Providing the faculty member has agreed to enable i>clickerGO usage in the classroom, discounted i>clickerGO activation codes can also be purchased at the Bookstore. The necessary software and hardware are free to any interested faculty member.

Before using i>clickerGO, we highly recommend students use the free two-week trial to make sure this solution will work in their classroom THEN buy the activation code.