i>clicker Faculty FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2015 11:10AM PDT
  1. My students claim they can't register their i>clicker.  If students don't see a "registration date" listed in the Blackboard Tools section; they are not registered. Remind students that registration is done on your Blackboard course site - not the i>clicker site. They can view this demonstration if needed.
  2. Do students have to re-register their clicker for every course, every semester? Once registered, clickers should be registered in all classes.
  3. Why aren't all of my students associated with a clicker? You need to periodically "sync" your roster. The sync button is in the lower right corner of the i>grade window. Unregistered students and clickers appear in red in your i>grader roster. If the problem continues, they may not have registered properly. View this movie if you still have questions.
  4. Why isn't my i>grader exporting to Blackboard? That could depend on several things. You might check in the i>clicker app then MySettings => CMS to make sure Blackboard 8 and above is selected. If that doesn't fix it, please contact us. This movie demonstrates the steps for exporting scores.
  5. What is the extra white i>clicker for? The blue i>clicker is your instructor remote, includes a laser pointer, and is the one you use to run your presentation and polling sessions. The white remote is the student version. We can assign a fake student to you and you can use the white remote to test that your base, your software, your grade center, etc. is working properly. Let us know if you'd like a fake student.
  6. Can students change their vote during a polling session? i>clicker was chosen for ease of use among other things. While polling is open, students can continue to change their votes. The remote will display a checkmark when each answer has been successfully received. Once question polling is closed, students can no longer change or submit a response. There are also directions on the back of the remote. For additional information, please see the Student Quick Start Guide.
  7. What are the different scoring options? Scoring is a personal thing. Participation points are awarded to students who attend class and vote during your lecture. Participation points are awarded in a lump sum based on criteria you choose. Most faculty are choosing to have students answer 100% of the questions or "all but one. Performance points are awarded to students for answering individual questions. Students can earn performance points without earning participation points and vice versa. Points for Responding allows you to enter points for answering a question - right or wrong. Points for Correct Response allows you to reward students for choosing the correct answer.
  8. What is the difference between i>clicker1 and i>clicker2. The i>clicker1 remote can only handle multiple choice questions. In addition, it is harder to change the frequency on i>clicker1 because it doesn't have a screen to display and acknowledge changes.
  9. What if I conducted a polling session while in the wrong i>clicker class? The steps for fixing this are quite involved. Best to contact us at ITS Blackboard Help Desk.