ParSCORE Reports

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2014 08:59AM PDT
Along with uploading your exam grades straight to Blackboard, you can print (or print to PDF file) statistical reports about your exam(s).

Popular ParScore Reports:
  • Class Response Report: prints a list of the students’ test responses for each version of the test.
  • Item Analysis Report (Standard, Detailed): this is a statistical report that provides a detailed distractor analysis based on raw scores. Each test version is generated separately.
  • Roster Report: this report contains the details displayed on the Roster tab.
  • Score Distribution Report: This report provides an analysis of how student scores are distributed for the total or a specific test. A Percentile or Histogram view is available.
  • Student Test Report (Detailed, Standard, Basic):   this report provides each student with details on a specific test. The Answer Key is not included by default. Note: As the default prints one student report per page, please provide your own paper for printing, or bring a USB and Print to PDF.
ParScore Reports that might be useful:
  • Answer Key Report: prints the answer key for the selected Category. This is sometimes printed when partial credit has been assigned.
  • Grading Criteria Report and Chart: this report prints the data displayed on the criteria tab of the graph format from MSGraph 8.0.
  • Course List Report: prints a list of the courses from the Course List Screen – includes the File Reference Number used by ParSCORE.
  • Error Log Report: this report tracks the rejected forms that occurred during scanning.

ParScore Reports that are available if needed:
  • Consolidated Item Analysis Report (Standard, Detailed):  this is a statistical report that provides a detailed distractor analysis based on raw scores. Prints a consolidated Item Analysis combining all versions into one report.
  • Progress Report and Assignment Sheet: this report is generated per student and indicates their progress based on the Assignment Sheet you create.
  • Student Enrollment Report (Standard, Detailed): this report provides a list of the enrolled students.
  • Student Profile Report: this report provides the three optional columns from the student tab in the categories you select, with or without the student name.*indicates most commonly used Reports.