Copying and Editing a Rubric (Rubrics)

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 11:27AM PDT

Copying a rubric is helpful if you have similar assignments for your students that will follow the same criteria. This allows you to keep the settings, and you can rename the rubric. You can also copy a rubric when you want to edit a rubric that was already used for grading.


You can duplicate a rubric by selecting the Copy option from a rubric’s contextual menu. A copy is created automatically with the name of the rubric in parentheses followed by the number one. For example, you can copy “Introductory Speech” to create “(Introductory Speech)(1).”


You can edit a rubric’s name to add a new name by selecting Edit from the rubric’s contextual menu. The Edit Rubric page allows you to edit all the settings for a rubric.