File Attachments

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:42AM PDT

You can add file attachments to different areas in your course, such as to a content item, an assignment, or a discussion board post. Users open a file by clicking a link to the file that appears in the course.

Locate the file you want to attach:

  • To upload a file from your computer, click Browse My Computer.
  • To upload a file from the course's storage repository:
    • If Course Files is the course's storage repository, click Browse Course.


    • If your institution licenses content management, click Browse Content Collection.

After selecting a file to attach, you may add a name for the link to the file. This link title appears to users, instead of the name of the document. For example, type "Biology Lab" as the link title instead of using the file name lab_bio_101.doc.

Accepted Characters in File Names

Blackboard Learn allows the use of all characters in file names. However, a user's operating system and browser may limit the types of characters accepted. For example, some browsers do not accept multi-byte characters, and some may not have the languages installed to display the special alphabetic characters specific to them.