Setting up Keys for Scoring

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014 02:47PM PDT
To set up Keys for Scoring:
Always prepare a Key for each version of the test using a separate Scantron form for each key.
Fill in the Test Form box. Mark only one letter on each Key (A, B, C or D).

Note: Do Not fill in the bubbles in the Exam Number area of the Scantron form unless the Subjective Score feature (i.e. Essays) will be used.  Filling inn those bubbles may cause scoring errors.

See a FIT Center Consultant if there are questions.
parscore test form image
Load your Key(s) into ParScore Scanner
scan key settings
Once the key(s) have been scanned, press the "END" button on the scanner

NOTE: ParScore prefers to finish by a click on "END" on the scanner, rather than on the "END" button on the computer monitor.  If the computer monitor button is clicked first, just click OK and continue.  There should be no problems, but if there are, ask the FIT Center Consultant for assistance.
A list of the test answers and point values for each of the test questions appears.  Compare the scanned ParScore key answers with the actual key.

Modify an answer on the key by clicking in the Answer cell, deleting the existing answer and typing a new answer.
modify answer box