Scoring Exams

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014 02:44PM PDT
To Score Exams:
  • Click the Scoring tab (1)
In the "Category Selection" box use the up/down arrows to scroll to the exam to be scored.
  • Choose the pertinent exam (2)
scoring tab
  • Check Inspect Multiple Marks and Inspect Omitted Marks(3)
  • NOTE: Errors can be correct on screen (Use Edit button).
  • Load student answer forms into the scanner feeder with the black ticks on the bottom.
  • Click the Score Button (4)
  • Watch for and respond to any pop-up messages that might appear on the computer monitor during answer from scanning process
Once all the answer forms have been scanned, press the END button on the scanner
  • Click the Roster tab (5) to review test scores
If changes are needed to the Points and Penalties return to page 21 for instructions.