Exporting Scores to Blackboard

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014 02:44PM PDT
To Export Files to Blackboard:
Click on the Roster tab in ParScore and check that "View Score as" is set to Raw
  • From the Menu select Options > Export Wizard
The Export Wizard Appears
  • Select Delimited with TAB (TXT)
export wizard settings
  • Select Student ID and the desired Score Column
  • Click Export
A "Save As" window opens. Choose a name for the file and save to the Desktop as a .txt file (i.e. "quiz3.txt").

Export wizard settings continued

NOTE: If this file is imported into Blackboard, Blackboard will create a new column with the same name as the file. Choose a file name that is the name you want on the new column.(e.g. "Final Exam")
  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Click the ParScore Tab
  • Click Par to Blackboard
Parscore to Blackboard icon

The "Select a file" window appears

Go to the Desktop and double click the appropriate .txt file. Excel will automatically reformat the columns for blackboard, quit, and go to Blackboard.

file naming settings
  • Login to Blackboard account and file the course that need to be uploaded
  • Under the "Control Panel" click on: Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center
  • Select Work Offline > Upload
Control panel

The "Upload Grades" window Opens
  • Click the upper Browse button on the "Attach Local File" line
The "File Upload" window will open. Select the .csv file on the desktop and click "Open"
When returned to the "Upload Grades" window:
  • Click Submit
  • Scroll to the Far Right then
  • Click Submit again
attach file icon

Scroll to the new column created on the Far Right side of the "Grade Center"
  • Click on the double Down arrows
  • Select Edit Column Information
Full grade center

The "Edit Column Information" area is the place to modify the following items:
  • Primary Display: choose the way you want the item displayed int he Blackboard Gradecenter (Score is recommended)
  • Points Possible: Enter the total possible point for each item
  • Include this column in the Gradecenter calculations: Choose "Yes" to include the column in the Gradecenter total
  • Show this column to students: Choose "Yes" or "No" to allow students to view or not view this information
  • Click Submit, then OK (on conversion question window)
  • Logout of Blackboard and exit browser