Test Taking Tips for Students

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 11:15AM PDT
These are suggestions and tips that you might want to place in your Blackboard course or in your Blackboard quiz/test/exam instructions in order to help students avoid Quiz/Test problems. 

Browsers: Use the Firefox Browser to Avoid Quiz or Test Problems. Firefox can be downloaded from the following website: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox  Do not use Internet Explorer as it does not display Blackboard properly! Review the Blackboard Software and Hardware Recommendations to find the best browser for your system. If the browser and version you use is Certified by Blackboard, Inc., for your computer's operating system, you will avoid most problems.

Browser Windows:  Do not Resize or Refresh browser windows during a Quiz or Survey. When a browser window is resized or refreshed, the assessment might stop and no score will be recorded. If your test freezes,the test must reset by the Instructor. Make sure your test is the only software running on your computer to provide maximum capacity (power, RAM, etc) for your test.

Your Internet Connection:  Avoid using a wireless (WiFi) or satellite Internet connection because a weak signal or a brief interruption in the signal during the exam will make it impossible to submit it properly.

Timed Quizzes: When you begin your test, Blackboard starts your session and tracks your time. A pop-up window with a timer may appear while taking a timed quiz. When using certain browers, this pop-up window may obscure and block the student from clicking the quiz SUBMIT or FORWARD button. To avoid this problem have the student use Firefox (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox) when taking the test.

Take a picture: If something happens during a test, take a picture that can then be sent to your Instructor.

Saving: While taking a test, Students should not use the Save Button. It is unnecessary. It is recommended that students complete a quiz on the first attempt by answering all questions and then pressing Submit.

Essay Questions: When using essay questions in your quiz, we recommend that students write their essays in a word processing program and copy and paste them into Blackboard. This way, if the individual computer crashes, or there are problems with the server, the students work would not be entirely lost. Of course, this is not possible if students are using Respondus LockDown Browser.

Do NOT Preview a Quiz:  Students should not start a quiz until they are actually ready to take it. If you begin taking the quiz and then log out (manually or by quitting out of the browser), Blackboard will not let you back in to take or finish the quiz. You will receive a "Sorry… you already took this assessment on (date) and (time)" message. The course instructor might reset your quiz attempt if this occurs.

Allow Popups? Some tests may require the use of popup windows, Respondus LockDown Browser for example. Turn off the popup blocker before starting the exam. Turn it back on after you submit it. If you have a firewall installed, it may not let you take the test. Either disable it temporarily or go to a non-firewalled computer to take the test.

Print Your Score When You Finish a Quiz or Test: Occasionally, a student will take a Blackboard quiz and receive a score only to find that when the instructor looks up this score in the BB gradebook; nothing is listed. This is a rare. To avoid this problem, print your score after a quiz is completed. You can then provide evidence of your earned score to the instructor if there is a technical problem.

Steps for Student Test Score Printing: Upon finishing a test and clicking the Submit button, press "OK." Your total score will then be displayed for the quiz attempt. Go to the File menu and choose "Print," take a picture with your cellphone, or use whatever method you normally use to handle screen captures. Keep this printout in case it is needed for quiz score verification.