Learning Glass

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014 09:26AM PDT
ITS is home of an innovative new piece of in classroom technology.

SDSU Physics professor Matt Anderson turns things around to make teaching physics a whole lot more interesting for his live and online presentations.

A firm believer that physics is best taught with pen and paper, he resorts to a little help from modern technology for his newest invention: Learning Glass.

Anderson uses LED side lighting on low-iron shower glass to create a see-through white board. This allows neon dry-erase markers to become highly visible.

Students are able to observe the nuances of problem solving as their professor teaches physics principles while facing them. And the instructor is not required to write backwards! The writing becomes forward with a simple horizontal “flip”of the image (done in software or with a mirror, like “Ambulance” in your rear-view mirror). It’s that easy!

Performing lectures in front of a live studio audience keeps his lectures interactive and spontaneous.

Student feedback so far has been very positive. As a learning resource, they report that these types of video presentations are by far the best they’ve seen (and they’re demanding more).

To find out more about this exciting teaching method and how it may benefit you, download the flyer, or please contact James Frazee, Director, Instructional Technology Services at jfrazee@mail.sdsu.edu