Assignment Best Practices

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2014 10:56PM PDT

You can present assignments to your students in multiple ways. Review the following options and consider which approach meets your needs or create a new method to accomplish your goals.

Option A: Add all assignments to one content area.

  • How it works: Use the Assignments content area and create all of your assignments there.
  • Suggested use: This option keeps the creation process simple and helps students quickly access all assignments for your course.
assignments in single location

Option B: Add assignments to different content areas, in close proximity to related course content.
  • How it works: After setting up various content areas for your course, you can add assignments to them. For example, you can create content areas for each week or module of your course where students see the overview, reading materials, lecture, and the assignment.
  • Suggested use: For a fully online course, this method is an effective way to integrate assignments with course content. On a single page, you can provide everything students need for a unit of study.
assignments organized by week or module

Please see the article  entitled "Directions for Student Assignmentsfor further information on creating assignment instructions and recommended language you can use in your syllabus or assignment.