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Last Updated: Nov 04, 2014 09:49AM PST

Accessing Blackboard and Your Classes


When I log into Blackboard, I do not see some of my classes. What can I do?

It takes 24 hours from the time your enrollment is official for the Blackboard database to be updated. Another reason you may not see all your classes listed is that not all instructors and professors use Blackboard. This may be why you see some but not all your classes listed when you log into Blackboard. The best thing to do if you do not see a class is to ask you instructor or professor if they plan to use Blackboard for the class. If they say yes, ask them to make their course available to students when they are ready.

I cannot log into Blackboard at all. What can I do?

Make sure your fees have been paid and paperwork has been processed. Also, if this is the first time you have taken classes at SDSU, make sure to visit the SDSU Web Portal and reset your PIN.
Important: You must use your Red ID and SDSU Web Portal PIN to access Blackboard (Note-This does not apply to students taking non-credit courses through Extended University. Please see information regarding this below).

I have reset my SDSU Web portal PIN and can still not access Blackboard. What can I do?

It takes 12 to 24 hours for your new PIN to be transferred to Blackboard. Please wait this time period and try again.

I am an Open University or Extended Studies student. What do I need to do to access Blackboard?

Extended Studies or Open University Students (Credit Courses)

Extended Studies students must first register and pay course fees at the College of Extended Studies. After registering and paying fees, log into the SDSU Web Portal and create/intialize your web portal account. After doing this, wait 12-24 hours and then log into Blackboard. After performing this task, if you still are having difficulty should contact the College of Extended Studies Registration Office at 619-594-5152 or

Extended Studies Students (Non-Credit Courses)

Please contact your instructor and ask about Blackboard access.

I forgot my user name or password - What can I do?

If you do not know this information go to the SDSU Web Portal. Using the contact info listed there, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Working in Your Blackboard Classes

I am not getting email from my instructor or professor - What can I do?

Blackboard does not work well with hotmail. Students who have hotmail accounts should use an SDSU rohan email account instead. Obtain a rohan account by logging into the SDSU Web Portal and click on the button titled Get a ROHAN/Email account. Make sure to enter this new email address into the SDSU Web portal. This new email address will be automatically transferred to BB with 4 to 6 hours.

If you do not have a hotmail account and still are not receiving email, make sure your email settings or filters are setup correctly and not classifying email from the Blackboard system as "Junk" or "Spam."

IMPORTANT - Students must set their email address in the SDSU Web Portal. Faculty must set their email address within Blackboard.

My instructor or professor is not receiveing my email - What can I do?

Faculty occasionally do not setup their email address in Blackboard. Check to see if others in your class can receive your email and then ask your instructor or professor if they have set up their email within Blackboard. If they say no, ask them to call the Blackboard Help line if they need help to do this.

IMPORTANT - Students must set their email address in the SDSU Web Portal. Faculty must set their email address within Blackboard.

My instructor said I needed to create a Homepage in the course. How do I do this?

Go to the Student Tools section of your course. Click on the Edit Homepage icon and just fill in the preset fields. You can also upload a digital picture in this area. Make sure you click the "Update Homepage" button at the bottom of the page or your information will NOT be uploaded to the course site!

How do I participate in a Discussion Forum?

Go to the Communication section of your course. Click on the Discussion Board icon. You will see a list of the available Forums. Only your instructors can create forums, but you can post threads, reply to other threads and read all posts. Your instructor may also place a Discussion Board button on the main page, which will take you directly to the Discussion Board. 

To enter a particular Forum or topic, click on its name (it will be blue and underlined). You can read threads by clicking on their title, or you can start a new thread by clicking on the Start new thread button at the bottom. Once in a thread, you can reply to it or scroll through all the replies by clicking on the words Next Message. You can also sort messages or search the Forum from this screen. Use the on-screen navigation (Back, Next Message, Back to Forum View) to move around the forum.

How do I check my grades?

There are two ways to check your grades in Blackboard. From within a course, click on the Student Tools section, then on the Check Grade icon. If you see a blue pencil next to a test score, this means you can look at detailed results of your quiz (question by question). You can also check your grades from the MY SDSU page (the first page you see after you log in). In the upper left hand corner of this page is the Tool Box with a variety of links. One of these is My Grades. Clicking on this will allow you to check your grades for any Blackboard course that you are enrolled in without actually entering the course site.

When I check my grades, there is a red exclamation point or a red question mark instead of a score. What does this mean?

If you see a red exclamation mark, that means that your quiz needs grading. This could be for two reasons. The first is if your quiz was timed and you went over the allotted time limit. In this case your instructor will receive all your answers and information on how long it took you to complete the quiz. They will have discretion on whether to accept all or part of your quiz answers. The exclamation point can also indicate that there was an essay or short answer portion of your quiz that your instructor has not yet graded. Once the instructor reviews and grades those questions, you will see a score in the book 

The red question mark indicates that there has been some sort of a grading error with your quiz. This could mean one of many things. First, you may not have completed the quiz. If you do not click the Submit button after completing the quiz or leave the quiz before finishing, your answers will not be counted. Also, if you encounter technical problems during the quiz you will also have a question mark recorded in the book. If your computer crashes, or your Internet connection is disconnected, any questions you have completed will not be counted. Talk to your instructor. Your instructor can reset your attempt or discuss the problem with you.

I am still having problems or my issue was not mentioned on this page.

If you have additional questions regarding Blackboard, please contact:

Student Computing Center Help Desk