Copy Course

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:43AM PDT
You must be an instructor in both courses in order to copy from one course to another.

NOTE: Do not include enrollments from a previous semester in your new course.
NOTE: Course copy can take some time especially at the beginning of each semester when everyone else is also copying. It is recommended that you click the copy button only once. Every time you click Submit, you add copies of the same material to your course!

    1. Go to the course that you wish to send content FROM
    2. From Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities
    3. A drop down menu will appear, select Course Copy
    4. For Copy Type,  select “Copy Course Materials Into an Existing Course”
    5. For Destination Course ID,  hit the browse button and find the course that you want to copy the content TO
    6. Select the course then click submit
    7. Next check all of the desired content areas that you wish to copy over
    8. DO NOT include enrollments
    9. Click submit at the bottom

location of course copy featured underneath Packages and Utilities menu item