Create and Manage Announcements

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2014 11:25AM PDT
Use the Announcements tool to provide students with course reminders and updates. Announcements can contain text, images, and multimedia, as well as links to course content. For example, in an announcement reminding students of a chat session, you can provide a link to the session.

New announcements appear directly below the repositionable bar entitled “New announcements appear below this line.” To pin an announcement permanently to the top of the list, drag it above the repositionable bar. This will keep the announcement at the top of the list and prevent new announcements from superseding it.
  1. On the Control Panel, under Course Tools, select Announcements.
  2. Click Create Announcement.

    announcements menu
  3. On the Create Announcement page, enter the Subject and the Message

    announcement settings
  4. Choose whether to display the announcement permanently (Choose "No Date Restrictions"), or use the date check boxes and enter dates and times.
  5. Choose if you want Blackboard to email a copy of this announcement to all course users regardless of those users’ notification settings
  6. Choose if you want to create a Course Link that takes your students to a particular area or file within your course.
  7. Click Submit.
settings continued

Manage Announcements
There are four methods for managing announcements:

Option 1: All announcements are visible all of the time, with the most recent on top.
While creating the announcement, select Not Date Restricted and make no changes to the display dates.
All announcements will show in the order created, with the most recent on top, for the duration of the course.

Option 2: Announcements are visible for a specified period of time.
While creating the announcement, select Date Restriced and select the Display After and Display Until check boxes and type the dates.

Option 3: Announcements are emailed to students in the course.
While creating the announcement, select the Override User Notification Settings check box.
Students in the course receive an email containing the announcement, which ensures they receive the information even if they do not log in to the course.

Option 4: You customize the display order. Use the drag-and-drop function — the double-tipped arrows next to announcements — to reposition announcements. The Keyboard Accessible Reordering tool on the Action Bar can also be used to reorder announcements.

Drag announcements above the repositionable bar if you want them to always appear at the top of the list.