Test Options (make available, date restrictions, etc)

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 04:05PM PDT
Whether you use an existing test or if you create a new one in a Blackboard Content Area, you will need to fill in the Test Options in order to properly "deploy" the test for students to take. Blackboard has a nice video on YouTube entitled "How to Set Test Options." 

To use an existing test, first bring it into a content area by clicking "Assessment" then "Test." 

assessment menu

You will be presented with a list of your tests to choose. Select your test.

test choices menu
  1. You must name your test. You can also return and edit the test Name. (#6)
  2. You can provide a test description and show it to students or leave it blank.
  3. We recommend you do not open the test in a new window. (#7) Any time a window is opened, resized, or manipulated, you run the risk of crashing the test.
  1. Under Test Availability, select Yes to make the test available to students. (#8)
  2. You may wish to generate an automatic announcement letting students know the test is available; but most faculty would rather create their own, more informative announcement and choose not to send an announcement from here.
  3. Set Multiple Attempts if desired. Default is a single attempt. Leave blank for default.
  4. Force Completion (#9) means test takers must finish the test in one session.
  5. You should set the amount of time students will have to take the test.
  6. Auto-submit closes the test automatically when the maximum time allowed is reached. If you don't enable auto submit, students can continue the test and you will receive notification that they went over the time limit in the Grade Center.
  7. Set test Date Restrictions - to enable click and set. To disable, simple "uncheck." (#10).
  8. You may set a password if desired. This is often used when only one or two students will be taking the test outside of regular test taking.
  9. You can also designate which students or groups are to take the test by using Test Availability Exceptions (#11). NOTE: Timer and Force Completion must be enabled to allow for Exceptions. This is covered elsewhere if you are interested in using this feature.

7. Select the due date.
8. Select options regarding grading. (Do not HIDE or you will never see the grades ever!)
9. Select the various forms of feedback you wish to return to your students.
10. Select how you wish the students to view the test.

11. Click Submit.

NOTE: If the name or description of the test is changed, the changes only appear in the Content Area. They will not change in the Tests tool or in the Grade Center column.