Text Editor (Content Editor)

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:44AM PDT
Blackboard has a new text editing tool called the Content Editor! The content editor is the tool that allows you to add and format text. You can insert equations, add hyperlinks, tables, attach different types of files, even record yourself with your webcam. The content editor appears throughout the system as the default editor. We can even copy and paste from Microsoft Word now without problems! To find out what the various tools are, simply hover over an icon and a description will appear.  See also the Blackboard Content Editor video  (3:59 min)

Simple Mode
The simple mode contains a minimal set of the most used text formatting functions. Click the show more (Show more icon) function—represented by two down pointing arrows—to access more editor functions.

Partial Toolbar

Advanced Mode
The advanced mode includes every available formatting and object attachment function. Click the show less (upward facing arrows that indicate collapse menu) function—represented by two up pointing arrows—to view only one row of functions.

full toolbar

Functions not currently available appear grayed out. For example, the functions to apply or remove a hyperlink are available only when you select text or an object in the text box. Many of the functions are familiar and similar to those you'd find in a good word processing program.

A Few New Features  
  • You can now open a Preview window to see what your content looks like. Hover over this menu at the top right of the content editor to see your options.   Preview window
  • You can increase the size of the text editor window by dragging down the lower right corner near the Word Count
  • There's a Word Count, a Spell Checker, and a Find and Replace option.
​See https://help.blackboard.com/en-us/Learn/9.1_SP_14/Instructor/040_In_Your_Course/020_Content_Editor for a full overview of the Content Editor