About ParScore

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2014 12:27PM PDT
ParSCORE is used for computerized test scoring and analysis. ParSCORE is computer software that works in conjunction with scanning machines located in the Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center in AH1109. Exams are graded and stored in a grade book, which can be exported to a comma delimited file and then opened with Excel or uploaded to Blackboard for posting. 

Rosters can be created in several different ways including downloading from Blackboard or WebPortal. We will cover Blackboard integration only.

Please contact the FIT Center to make an appointment. Teaching or Graduate Assistants need to bring in a letter indicating that faculty have approved their use of the facility and ParSCORE. For more information, contact the FIT Center at 619.594.6348

The red ParScore test forms are required for the ParScore machines in the FIT Center. Do not confuse with other color forms which most likely won't work in our machines.

 preferred Par Score form